Project Overview

In 2015, the first CarePlus Pharmacy store opened in Cork and the franchise has since grown to over 60 locations across the country. The CarePlus support team provides IT services to each of these pharmacies and given the speed and scale of the franchise’s growth, the group’s needs quickly outstripped the capability of its IT systems.

Following a competitive tender, Novi was chosen to deliver a comprehensive technology solution for CarePlus based on its end-to-end proactive IT offering and security focus.

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Project Overview

Project Overview

The Challenge

Security was a major concern for the group, given the potential of a data breach to expose sensitive commercial data. CarePlus Pharmacy also has a growing number of field staff in both sales and support roles and required a secure and flexible solution to enable seamless remote access to its systems.

CarePlus Pharmacy create and share intellectual property across its network and store this in-house along with other valuable data. Therefore, secure data protection and recovery was another important consideration.

CarePlus also has a growing number of field staff in both sales and support roles.

“As well as enabling growth, Novi has provided us with peace of mind that our data is protected. Despite operating in an environment where the prevalence of SME targeted cyber-attacks are on the rise, Novi has put us at much greater ease knowing we have multiple layers of security features and a secure backup of our systems in place.”
Finn McCann, Technology and Solutions Director

Novi is a secure IT and cloud service provider that is passionate about helping customers grow through better, secure and more reliable IT.

Our consistent proactivity reduces cyber security and operational risk, enabling customers to grow seamlessly and faster. Novi lowers security risk for clients by 93% with a comprehensive range of cybersecurity technologies and services to protect customers’ data and reputation.