Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the smart way to minimise your capital expenditure while allowing your business to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Our IAAS offerings allows your business to scale up and deploy services quickly and easily.

Perhaps you need centralised private infrastructure to host critical business applications with secure end to end connectivity to remote sites?

Whatever your business needs, our experts can help you implement and manage infrastructure as a service solutions while you to focus on your business.


  • Fully managed by Novi
  • Keep pace with innovation
  • Respond quickly to competitive pressure
  • Reduce typical infrastructure costs
  • Focus time and resource on growing the business
  • Access securely from anywhere
Novi Infrastructure Design Service

Novi Infrastructure Design Service

Novi design philosophy is to make the most from your IT investment with future proofed, secure, robust and agile infrastructure.

Contact our Cloud and Infrastructure experts to learn more.

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Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge

Managed Services is not just about support. Choosing the right Managed Services Partner that invests in your business, provides good advice and helps minimises your risk exposure could transform your business.
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