Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Micrsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform for building deploying and managing services and applications anywhere with security and privacy built in.

Azure consists of all the elements needed to build a virtual network and deliver applications to a remote audience. Azure supports open source technologies, so you can use the tools and technologies you prefer. With no upfront cost, you only pay for what you use.


  • Utility pay for what you consume model
  • No depreciating hardware
  • Centralised flexible architecture
  • Quickly scale up or down
  • Multiple locations including Ireland
 Why Managed Cloud as opposed to DIY

Why Managed Cloud as opposed to DIY

If you are considering moving to the cloud you might be thinking of partnering with a Cloud Provider. Here’s our advice.

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Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge

Managed Services is not just about support. Choosing the right Managed Services Partner that invests in your business, provides good advice and helps minimises your risk exposure could transform your business.
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