Critical Server Imaging & Recovery

Critical Server Imaging & Recovery

The ability to quickly restore your entire server environment is crucial in the event of system failure.

Businesses tend to focus on backing up data but often overlook the server settings and applications.
Implementing a server imaging solution that backs up your entire server to local storage with the ability to integrate with an offsite service such as Novi Airgap is essential for business critical systems.

Features and Benefits

This essential solution is monitored and managed as part of Novi’s Managed Service offering.

  • Quickly restore from hardware failure or software corruption
  • Backs up data and all server settings to external storage device, not just the data
  • Option to backup entire server virtual machines offsite
  • Enterprise grade solution
  • Backup encryption for added security
Backup and Recovery solutions for your critical business systems

Backup and Recovery solutions for your critical business systems

Critical business systems can fail, leaving your business exposed to data loss and prolonged downtime. Novi can help you implement and manage the solutions that enable your business to quickly recover from system failure.

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Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge

Managed Services is not just about support. Choosing the right Managed Services Partner that invests in your business, provides good advice and helps minimises your risk exposure could transform your business.
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