Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Novi’s proactive maintenance service is focused on reducing IT risk and increasing productivity, ensuring that critical IT systems perform well, are reliable and regularly maintained in an effort to protect them from cyber security threats and unplanned outages.

Our service includes 24/7 network monitoring, as well as our unique offering of weekly, monthly or quarterly scheduled, Novi-subsidised onsite visits. In doing so, we reduce unplanned system outages by 87% and helpdesk calls by 43%.

In summary, Novi help reduce IT risk, add structure and increase productivity so that our customers can confidently grow their business.


Onsite and cloud IT systems need to be regularly maintained and managed otherwise they are left vulnerable and at risk of unplanned outages or cyber security related incidents. Our experienced engineers carry out a comprehensive services of evolving checks, updates and reporting to deliver compelling business benefits

  • Significantly reduced cyber security risks
  • Significantly reduced operational risks such as unplanned outages
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Management reporting and insights to keep you informed
  • Advice and guidance from experienced engineers
Comprehensive checks and reporting

Comprehensive checks and reporting

Our experts carry out comprehensive checks, essential updates and maintenance tasks to minimise the risk of cyber events, performance issues and outages that could negatively impact your business.

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Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge

Managed Services is not just about support. Choosing the right Managed Services Partner that invests in your business, provides good advice and helps minimises your risk exposure could transform your business.
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