Apr 29

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Multifactor Authentication for Office 365

When accessing any business system such as Microsoft Office 365 it is important to have several layers of authentication (or challenges) to protect your account from cyber criminals.

Logging in to your Office 365 using Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

You will be prompted to enter a unique code along with your username and password. (This feature must first be enabled on your account.)

Microsoft Office 365 MFA
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Multifactor Authentication can be configured to send you a code via text message to your registered mobile phone or send a code to the Microsoft Authenticator app that you are prompted to enter during the logon process. The Microsoft video explains the setup of Multifactor Authentication in more detail

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app

You simply download the free Microsoft Authenticator app to your phone
(found in the app store, play store etc.)

1. Open the app and enter your Office 365 email address and click register device (this registers your mobile phone with Microsoft so it knows it’s safe to send you multifactor authentication codes)

QR Code Microsoft Authenticator App

Once you registered your mobile device via the Microsoft Authenticator app you now need to complete the setup by scanning a unique QR code similar to that shown in the image.

2. Login to Outlook online at www.office.com to access your unique QR code

Once logged in you should be prompted scan the QR code setup on your Microsoft Authenticator app if this is your first time setting up your mobile device.

Transferring or setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App on a new or replacement phone

If you are setting the app up on a new phone you will need to dig a little deeper to find the QR code.

1. Login to Outlook online at https://www.office.com

(Select the SMS text option to text you the multifactor authentication code and enter the code to complete the login)

  1. Open a new browser tab and access https://aka.ms/mfasetup
Authenticator app O365
  1. Click the Set Up Authenticator App button to display the QR code

    (Note you can also change your phone number here is necessary)

QR Code
  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and scan your unique QR code to complete the setup process

You can now use the Microsoft Authenticator app for added security when accessing your Office 365 account