Mar 08

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3 Reasons for Managed Cloud Services as opposed to DIY!

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Making the decision to move to the cloud is a clever one - more efficient, more affordable and faster computing. No need to worry about an aging infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on running and growing your business. Whilst the cloud journey begins with the business decision it does not end with the go live date. In fact, it is only the beginning.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud infrastructure is becoming more common as companies incorporate public cloud services with existing on-premise systems. This leads to questions such as what data to migrate, how to keep it safe and how to find the perfect balance between cloud and on-premise solutions.

Successful cloud migration requires expert planning and a diverse set of skills. An IT Services provider can work with you to map out the move ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Keeping the New System Up to Date

With regular upgrades easily affected across the cloud landscape, IT managers can expect to have lots of issues from employees; problems logging in, workflow changes, reports not working. Employees will want them resolved quickly as it will impinge on their productivity. IT Managers will have to quickly respond and resolve issues or users will very quickly become disillusioned with the new Cloud network. Frequently companies under-estimate the support required after a move to the cloud has been completed. Cloud also opens up new security concerns as data is hosted on virtual servers.

Cloud Computing does undoubtedly bring a host of benefits to a company making them more agile, enabling innovation and boosting overall performance but only if it is properly managed and maintained.

3 Reasons for choosing Managed Cloud Services

Many companies transitioning to the cloud realise during the process that they need extra support. A trusted IT Services partner is often the solution. One who can complement the current in-house capabilities and extend the expertise available. As IT underpins a company’s success and growth plans it cannot be overlooked.

Increased Support

A good Cloud Computing Services partner will provide ongoing support for users, solving problems quickly and encouraging user adoption of the new platform, especially during and after upgrades and new releases.

Increased Customisation

A partner who really understands Cloud technology can be useful for customising cloud applications when internal knowledge is limited. Private cloud solutions are fully customisable and can be designed to fit the exact needs of the business. A Managed Solutions provider can document how the solution should be designed in order to deliver the processes unique to the business and monitor how the business uses the solution and make adjustments if needed.

Increased Reliability

A Managed Services partner will proactively monitor your solutions to ensure optimal performance. Ongoing monitoring pre-empts any issues with security and performance long before the client becomes aware of them.

When managed well a business can sit back and enjoy all the benefits that Cloud brings – cost savings, high availability, increased system speed and the ability to mine vast amounts of critical business data. But don’t under estimate the time and expertise needed to run it!

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