Apr 03

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When to leverage your IT Provider's knowledge

IT Services

The future is bright for SMEs currently as the economic situation starts to turn around. Many SMEs are looking to new technologies to help them achieve economies of scale that can enable them to grow and extend their reach beyond their own shores. Business owners are taking heart from recent research from Citrix that 6 out of 10 SMEs plan to trade internationally in the year ahead.

Use the right technology

The right technologies will enable SMEs to grow without having to add to headcount. Cloud, video conferencing, remote access and other collaboration tools can deliver a completely new environment for a company to operate in that doesn’t account for locations and borders. The possibilities are endless for forward – thinking SMBs who can test new markets by automating processes and managing relationships with suppliers and customers virtually. But implementing new technologies requires specific expertise. Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand!

When to ask for help!

What many SMEs fail to realise is that there are companies out there that they can hand over the burden of their IT transformation to. Some SMEs will have existing IT Managed Service providers who are up-to-date with new tech and can advise and steer them on what services and solutions are best for their company in order to deliver their objectives. For others it may be a new relationship that is developed in order to transition them to the cloud for example.

Leveraging the expertise

IT Services companies are full of techy experts who can offer a solution to any IT question big or small! They keep up-to-date with the latest solutions and deliver end-to-end service from scoping through implementation to ongoing support. This partnership can be vital to the economic growth of a smaller company giving them potential to reach new markets, new customers and make more money than they may have been able to years before the digital revolution.

Growing the IT department isn’t an option for companies with limited budget. It takes time and budget to bring in new equipment, train existing staff and maybe employ new staff. What companies need to realise is they can build a solid partnership with their IT provider and develop synergies whereby they can tap into existing expertise without big investment whilst receiving a personal and hands on service.

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