Jul 04

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Can Cloud save my business time and money?

cloud computing

One of the biggest advances in technology in recent times is the growth in the use of cloud technology in smaller to mid-sized businesses, many of whom thought it was out of their reach. Gartner estimates that the cloud computing market will be worth €207bn worldwide by the end of this year – a significant portion of this growth will be in the SME market.

The benefits that cloud technology brings has a greater impact in the smaller companies who are struggling to compete than the bigger players. It can level the playing field and is redefining the way these smaller players do business. Here are ways cloud technology can help grow a small to mid sized business.

Lowers Cost of IT Ownership

By using on demand services businesses do not have to invest up front in IT infrastructure. Services can be turned off and scaled up as the business demands so hardware is fully utilised. Businesses get to do more with less. This means lower installation, hardware, upgrade and support costs which to smaller businesses are invaluable savings.

Increased Productivity

Cloud storage systems such as Microsoft One Drive and Sharepoint mean your business data and files are available for staff at anytime from anywhere. No more need for emailing files to your own inbox if you plan to be off site. Office 365 enables collaboration across teams with shared calendars, video conferencing and conversation tools. Staff become more efficient and productive as work happens faster and decisions are made quicker.

Keeping up to date

Office 365 automatically syncs files across all devices when a change is made. So you are always accessing the latest version no matter which device you use, where you access it from and how many people are collaborating on it.

Secure Business Data

Security is always the biggest stumbling block when it comes to decisions to move to a cloud computing model. But storing data in the cloud can actually secure it better than on your own server. Cloud service providers are experts in security and you will be able to tap into their expertise to secure your data. For example One Drive for Business uses the latest industry leading security.

Space and time to grow

Cloud computing takes the IT headaches away. It means you get time back to focus on your business as opposed to time taken manage your IT setup. This is particularly important in a smaller business where IT dedicated resources are thin on the ground. Staff are given space to become more efficient and share ideas through collaboration, like Microsoft’s One Note. And even servers have more space as cloud based storage can scale up as needed, employees are on boarded faster as no installing software is needed – it’s all available in the cloud.

A wealth of cloud based tools from accounting packages to CRM to Microsoft’s Office 365 are available for SMEs to take advantage of. A good cloud provider will be able to steer a business to the best cloud setup for them taking into consideration their unique workflows, locations and number of users. Sometimes a combination of private and public cloud services known as hybrid cloud is the best. Our advice – locate a good Cloud Provider with the right partnerships in place with the leading well known IT brands and let them guide you as to what is the best arrangement for your business.

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