Sep 06

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Effective IT Management: Ensure that all aspects of your IT have clear support mechanisms in place

IT Support

Businesses nowadays depend more and more on technology to run their operations and implement their growth plans for the future. Technology is not a once off purchase. All systems need ongoing support and maintenance to ensure they are working at their optimal rate and not leaving a business open to risk. Downtime and cyber security threats hamper the normal workings of a business daily and if not mitigated from the outset can lead to financial and reputational losses.

Every aspect of IT needs ongoing review and management. Staying on top of a well-functioning IT environment, encompassing all aspects from cyber security to high availability to user support requires formal support processes and agreements. Outsourcing IT Support takes the burden off internal staff freeing them to focus on IT projects that can drive the business forward. Take the time to examine every aspect of your IT and review the service level agreements that are in place with your outsourced partners.

Here are some of the main reasons why having professional IT support is essential

1. Data storage and management – Every business holds data, some more sensitive than others such as personal financial or medical records. With the recent GDPR legislation having data protection measures in place is more pertinent than ever before and businesses risk hefty fines if they ignore them. A professional IT team will help your business store and manage your data securely making it easily accessible to the right people.

2. Cyber security protection – Unfortunately there is no one magic solution when it comes to protecting your business from cyber attack. Adequate cyber security requires several layers and solutions configured to your business’s requirements. As new risks emerge IT Managers can struggle to keep pace and often lack the specialist knowledge that is needed to mitigate cyber risk. An outsourced IT support company will help defend your IT infrastructure against recurring and emerging threats.

3. Expert technical know-how – Technology moves at an alarming pace. IT Support technicians are constantly upgrading their knowledge to stay ahead of the market. You might know how to work your company’s systems, but do you know what to do if something goes horribly wrong? A professional IT support team can analyse most technical troubles and deliver highly-skilled solutions.

4. Reduced IT running costs – IT is an investment and to get the most out of that investment it is wise to have a skilled support team to maintain the systems in place. Overall a well maintained IT environment can reduce ongoing IT costs.

Novi deliver outsourced IT Support to many different types of companies. Our experts can complement your existing IT team or we can help you support and manage your entire IT environment.

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