Aug 27

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Effective IT management: Reducing operational risk

operational risk

Nowadays, no business is immune to operational risk. Whether it’s in the form of human error or IT outages caused by poorly performing systems, managers need to be aware of all the possible threats that can take their business offline. By assessing the likelihood of IT risks and putting precautionary measures in place, you can greatly mitigate damage and safeguard the future of your organisation.

Taking a proactive approach to avoiding operational risks will not only protect your business, but also give you a competitive edge in a market that demands almost always-on services.

Thinking long term

IT systems are central to the everyday running of an organisation. Yet, decision makers in businesses can often be tempted to opt for short term fixes to IT problems. However, when short-sighted solutions fail - causing serious IT outages - companies put themselves at risk of reputational damage. Failing to meet customer deadlines and falling short of partner expectations will negatively impact the long term growth of the organisation.

Avoid firefighting

Just like operating machinery, IT systems need to have safety measures in place to mitigate the risk of hazards. In many cases however, IT outages are dealt with in a reactive manner, with IT teams only dealing with issues as they arise.

Organisations that handle large volumes of data need well supported and regularly updated infrastructure to reduce the chance of IT outages. Rather than constant firefighting, IT managers need to be aware of possible weaknesses in their system and put corresponding preventative measures in place to nip potential issues in the bud. Proactive IT services, such as detailed performance reports, predictive analytics and automated patching, can reduce unplanned system outages by 87%.

competitive advantage IT

Competitive Advantage

As technology evolves, so too do the complexities of protecting data and ensuring IT uptime. As an IT manager, you need to give your customers peace of mind that you and your team are up-to-date with the latest in cyber threats.

Cyber risk awareness for team members will ensure that they can recognise and avoid risks to the network and in doing so, protect business and customer data. High levels of data security will aid high levels of trust and satisfaction with customers, enhancing client retention and supporting overall business growth.

Operational risk should be at the forefront of any manager’s agenda. However, IT managers in particular risk causing serious reputational and financial damage if they don’t have a proactive strategy in place.

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