Jul 09

Industry Insights

Effective IT management: View IT as an investment and not a cost

When it comes to IT resources, businesses can often view investment as a way of simply plugging the gap of existing problems. However, by planning for the future through clever IT investment, organisations can actually prevent these problems from ever occurring and safeguard their continued success.

For managers who have the responsibility of implementing the right technology systems, it’s important to view IT as a strategic investment in the future of the business. In doing so, organisations can enjoy a wide array of benefits.


A motivated team

When companies fail to invest long-term in their IT infrastructure, it’s inevitable that unreliable or outdated systems will lead to a dip in staff motivation. As an IT manager, it’s important to invest in technology like collaboration and file sharing tools that will enable employees to carry out their daily tasks efficiently, rather than hinder and frustrate them.

Businesses that listen to the needs of their employees and invest in IT systems accordingly will benefit in the long run - reduced IT downtime can, on average, increase productivity by 20%. Empowering employees through better technology means businesses will quickly see a return on their investment.

Safeguard your company’s future

A key enabler of business growth is a stellar reputation. Outdated systems and a reliance on quick-fix solutions put a business at much greater risk of a cyberattack or breach.

Mitigating the risk of outages or cyberattacks is a key element of effective IT management. IT investment not only protects your data but safeguards your reputation and overall business success.

Enable business growth

When businesses fail to place IT requirements at the core of a business strategy, customer demand can often overtake the capabilities of an IT system – stunting company growth. Outages, breaches and the need to regularly patch and update old systems all inhibit the ability of a company to scale.

As an IT manager, a pivotal part of your role is designing and implementing solutions that can facilitate growth. This has to be done at a strategic level to be really effective.

Just like the overall strategy of a business, IT systems cannot be short-sighted. That’s why identifying and investing in the right IT for your business will save costs and mitigate the risk of reputational damage. Similarly, happy employees unhindered by poorly performing applications will become more productive – improving the company’s bottom line.

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