Sep 11

Industry Insights

IT Disaster Recovery as a Managed Service

Disaster Recovery

Recently Ireland has been lashed by a serious of storms that have wreaked havoc in certain areas causing many businesses to have to deal with catastrophic flooding. Thousands of euro in lost business, unsatisfied customers, disgruntled suppliers and the serious worry about critical business information being lost forever as servers and PCs are water damaged.

Business continuity as a time of serious system failure such as a fire or flood can be achieved with planning and services in place which quickly allow the company to resume mission critical operations.

As part of our Managed Services options Novi offer IT Disaster Recovery planning and implementation. Advances in cloud computing and agile networks make it more affordable for businesses to engage in IT Disaster Recovery as a Managed Service. Working with our IT experts we come up with a plan that is tailored to your business and is tested and ratified. Whether you are a single site or multi-site we make sure that your IT Disaster Recovery strategy meets your business expectations and budget.

Securing your business with an IT Security Audit

A disaster hitting a business can take a physical form like a fire or flood but equally cyber disasters can cause critical business failures. Increasingly businesses are being subjected to cyber attacks which can cause loss of data and system outage. At Novi security is high on our agenda. We proactively manage your IT systems and infrastructure to ensure they meet industry standards for security.

IT Security Audit

Regular auditing of your IT setup and systems can highlight issues and threats that may have gone under the radar. With a Novi IT Security Audit our experts review your existing IT infrastructure and make comparisons with industry best practices and are continually looking for improvements that will make your business more secure.

Novi IT Security Audit not only provides protection from external attacks we also look at internal practices to ensure security policies are in place to protect sensitive data.

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