May 05

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MS Teams: Top 5 Tips to get the most out of it!

As part of our series on helping you work more effectively form home we have compiled our top 5 MS Teams Tips! At Novi we are all working remotely and we use MS Teams every day to discuss, inform and keep in touch with our workmates. Last week’s blog gave the basics as to what Teams is and what it is useful for so check back on that blog here if you are not yet using it.

If you are already working with MS Teams try the following tips to get more out of it.

1. Scheduling Meetings from within Teams

You can schedule Meetings from within Teams in multiple different ways. We like this feature for creating a new meeting as you don’t have to leave Teams and use Outlook for example. Your Contacts and Calendar are accessible from within Teams itself. This means you can easily and quickly schedule meetings with minimal effort.

MS Teams

You can select a Teams channel to associate the meeting with or if it’s a more private meeting between colleagues you can leave this field blank.

You may also notice the Scheduling Assistant which can be used to easily set up recurring meetings, for those 11.00 am virtual coffee breaks!

2. Record Your Meetings

Another useful feature of Teams is the ability to record your Teams Meetings. You may come across a scenario where you feel it would be of benefit to save what is happening in the meeting, maybe someone is doing a screen share session and you want to record it to go back over and take notes.

MS Teams

Once you have joined into the meeting, you can click the More Actions button to bring up your list of options. From here, select Start Recording. Your recording will be available once the meeting ends, or if you manually select stop recording it will save what you have captured up to then.

Just remember to ask permission to record, as you don’t want to be breaching any company policies.

3. Teams Navigation Buttons

As you start to become more familiar with Teams, you will want to start multi-tasking. You may be looking through a Teams Conversation, jumping then to a private chat window and maybe from there then creating calendar events.

As intuitive as Teams is, it is a lot of clicking to jump between the different places to work efficiently, until you notice these:

MS Teams

These are the Teams Navigation Buttons. Like that of a web browser, you can click Back and Forward to jump between tabs or areas of Teams where you have just come from. This is very handy for when you are having a conversation with a colleague, while also trying to input calendar events for the month ahead.

4. Background Blur

A great feature introduced to Teams back in 2018 was background blur. This is a useful feature for many scenarios.

Maybe you are in your office with sensitive information on the walls or boards around you, or maybe you are working from home and don’t want your colleagues or business partners to see your home or your family in the background. With the Background Blur feature you can put an end to the frustration.

There are Two ways to blur your background in Teams:

Meeting Join Lobby:

When you are about to join a meeting, you are placed into a pre-join lobby to check your device settings etc before joining.

Slide the Video icon to the on position, then slide the Background Blur icon. Form here, a series of inbuilt images will appear. Select one to add it to your background. Teams will track your face and body and blur the background behind you.

Microsoft Teams
Teams working well

Whilst in the meeting:

To blur your background during the meeting, you can click the More Options button and select Show Background Effects and then select from the list of backgrounds.

5. Teams Mobile App

One of the most useful features of Teams is that they have developed a mobile app to compliment the Microsoft Teams Desktop App.

Its not always possible to be able to use Teams on your Laptop, and what if you have a PC with no Web Cam or Microphone?

Teams Mobile puts the power of teams into the palm of your hand.

From the Teams Mobile App, you can do almost everything the Teams Desktop App can do: See your recent activity, chat with colleagues, view your teams, viewer your calendar and make calls, both voice and video.

Teams mobile can be downloaded for both iOS and Android and is available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


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