Jul 02

Industry Insights

Novi celebrates 20 year anniversary

This year, Novi is delighted to celebrate its 20th year of business. Since our founding, Novi has strived to reduce risk and enable seamless growth for businesses through the use of better IT. Today’s technology landscape is unrecognisable compared to 1999, when managing director George O’Dowd founded the company.


To stay ahead in the fast-moving world of IT, Novi has consistently scanned the environment, added the brightest talent to our team, and refined and expanded our service offering - including launching several of our own Novi-branded innovative new services.

This includes our off-site data recovery service ‘Novi AirGap’, which provides customers a business continuity back-up to ensure against data compromise or loss. ‘Novi Cyberview’ enables businesses to easily identify hidden threats on their network. ‘Novi OneCloud’ is Ireland’s first integrated cloud service which allows customers to aggregate multiple cloud solutions from different leading cloud vendors in a single secure managed service. These, along with many other new services, demonstrate Novi’s commitment to future-proofing Irish businesses.

While cybercrime and the technology industry remain in constant flux, from the very outset Novi has adhered to several fixed principles which have guided our entire strategy and underpinned our long-term success.

Our mantra is “always lowering risk” and we design security into everything we do so our customers are as resilient from cyber-attacks and IT downtime as possible. Over the years, our investment and focus on security-orientated solutions has distinguished us from other managed service providers, with our solutions reducing cyber risks by 97%. Img

At Novi, we avoid ‘firefighting’ issues for customers and instead focus our time on advising and consulting. This is part of our commitment to be the most proactive MSP in Ireland, adopting a strategic partnership approach that reduces unplanned system outages by 87%.

The third ever-present pillar at Novi is our passion for helping customers grow through better IT. Everything we do at Novi is with the aim of enabling seamless growth for our valued customers. Even after 20 years, we’re always looking to learn more about how we can help our customers continue to grow, so we invest significant time and resources in researching new technologies to help businesses innovate and digitally transform.

Thank you to all of our customers, partners and team members who have made the previous two decades such an enjoyable success for Novi. We look forward to continuing to grow with you and to welcoming many more who will join us on our journey!