Sep 25

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Novi IT Resourcing – A valuable extension of your IT team in Ireland

IT Resourcing

Ireland is continuing to be an attractive location for many businesses from outside the country to set up operations or open a branch. With a competitive corporate tax rate, a multi lingual and educated workforce and proximity to the European marketplace Ireland is fast becoming a global corporate location.

While many international brands such as facebook, Google and Paypal base their European operations in Ireland, medium sized companies are also now considering an Irish operation fuelled by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

One of the critical aspects to getting a new operation up and running smoothly is management of the onsite IT requirements. Using an experienced local IT Services provider can make this process easier and painless.

Novi Resourcing

Novi provide routine on site IT resourcing to a growing number of international clients with offices in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can provide a high-quality desk end user support, end user device management and deployment and provide hands and eyes support.

Our experienced engineers can help you with the following example tasks:

  • Proactive end user support, including operating system and office applications
  • Deployment, reconfiguration and setup of end user devices
  • Management of end user device spares
  • Troubleshooting network / connectivity issues from desk to switch
  • Remote hands and eyes for your IT department e.g. assist with firmware updates
  • Reporting on general end user issues / satisfaction levels to your IT department

With IT departments struggling to keep up with workloads Novi can deliver a cost-effective solution to raise service levels and response times and provide reliable local IT Support.

Outsourcing IT in Ireland

Routine Site Visits

International customers who currently avail of our routine on site resourcing service reported a 66% average increase in end user satisfaction. Prior to engaging with Novi, end users reported feeling isolated and felt they were given a much lower service priority compared to colleagues in the corporate headquarters. Response times and project turnaround times were slow and unpredictable.

IT resourcing is a key aspect of our business. Our engineers provide routine onsite proactive maintenance and support services to a wide range of businesses throughout Ireland.

Leave your details here and a member of our resourcing team will contact you back to explain more.