Jun 16

Industry Insights

The impact of Covid 19 on IT Services

The effects of Covid 19 are being felt around the globe on many levels and on a scale that we may never see again. The economic impact has been widely reported and a high level of uncertainty remains as to how and when the economy will recover. The recent lifting of restrictions marks the start of this journey but the impact will be felt for many months to come.

Remote Working

In the world of IT one of the positives to come out of the pandemic was the acceleration in remote working and there continues to be a lot of speculation that remote working will become much more mainstream into the future. Spending forecasts indicate continued spend on cloud services, communication and telecom services as businesses encourage employees to work from home and schools continue with online teaching.

remote working

Cyber Security

Due to the increase in numbers engaged in remote working businesses and organisations including government departments are now being forced to look closely at the cyber security measures they have in place. During the pandemic there has been a marked increase in scams and phishing attempts as criminals capitalise on the fear element and the fact that so many people are now working in potentially unsecure remote environments. This has highlighted the need for more robust security specifically measures that protect users who are logging into networks remotely and over different devices.

Risk Reduction

It is expected that businesses will continue to engage in remote working for some time and possibly it will become a much more common occurrence than it was before. Many businesses do not have a reliable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and due to the uplift in remote working IT departments will have a major role in defining that plan into the future. Businesses will need assistance from IT providers in procuring devices, setting up a resilient, flexible and secure network and robust security and disaster recovery solutions.

Going forward businesses will need to adjust or augment their technology stack to meet the demands of the transformed business landscape. Talking to an experienced IT Managed Services Provider will help you ascertain what your business needs to deliver a secure, flexible, high performing infrastructure that will support the changing aspects of your business now and into the future.