Aug 17

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The Top 5 Reasons why Businesses are turning to Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Businesses in Ireland are increasingly outsourcing all or elements of their IT Management to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). By outsourcing technology businesses are able to tap into lots of benefits that will help their business grow faster and become more efficient. In this blog we take a closer look at the top 5 drivers for outsourcing all or some of a business’s IT requirements.

1. Better IT Security

MSPs have specialist expertise in cyber security and data protection. The cyber threat is a continually shifting landscape and most businesses lack the experience in-house to stay on top of evolving threats. With IT resources internally already stretched thin most companies lack the bandwidth to perform essential ongoing security checks such as penetration testing, anti DDoS application, log monitoring, disaster recovery and IT security awareness training. Handing this over to an experienced MSP ensures the company security is not compromised through to lack of resource or time.

2. Proactive IT Management

A huge benefit of Managed IT Services is the ongoing proactive maintenance model. At Novi we provide our customers with routine onsite visits to ensure that their IT systems are proactively supported, updated and maintained and managed. This is invaluable as it takes away the guesswork and uncertainty for our customers who can genuinely focus on their business and not worry about their daily IT operations. Proactive regular monitoring of networks and system enables early identification of potential vulnerabilities before they become critical.

3. Disaster Recovery Planning

Every business needs to be prepared for the unexpected, from a power loss to a flood or fire or a cyber breach, any eventuality that could lead to significant data loss and downtime which could damage their brand and reputation. A business can leverage their partnership with an MSP to create a Disaster Recovery plan that will keep their IT systems running smoothly and efficiently in the event of catastrophic failure. A trusted MSP will work with a client to understand their dependencies and create a tried and tested plan to ensure business continuity.

4. Access to Latest Technologies

Technology advances at an alarming rate. Already over stretched IT staff often struggle to keep up and lack the time to undergo the training and upskilling required to keep pace. Partnering with an MSP allows a company to tap into the expertise and skill set of an extra team of IT professionals who are continually updating their skill base. At Novi our people help businesses to digitally innovate by spending 10% of their time learning about new technologies and passing that knowledge on to customers, equipping them with the latest information and know-how they need to embrace digital transformation and improve the pace of business growth.

5. Reduced IT Running Costs

One of the biggest benefits of Managed IT Services is reduced IT running costs. An IT budget has many facets – hardware, software, infrastructure and maintenance costs and staff to name just a few. Outsourcing the day-to-day management and ongoing proactive maintenance of the infrastructure and systems frees up IT staff to devote to higher value projects which increases overall productivity. Outsourcing IT Services reduces the requirement for in-house recruitment of IT staff who can be expensive and associated ongoing training costs.

At Novi we are always proactive. Our offering is all about reducing risk and introducing structure for our customer so they can focus on rapid business growth.

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