Feb 10

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The value of Proactivity in Managed IT Services

Many service providers pay lip-service to the concept of proactive managed services, very few really deliver.

As technology continues to develop and becomes increasingly complex, more businesses are recognising the advantages of having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) take care of their day-to-day IT requirements. However, the managed service model has come a long way since the break-fix standard of the early 1990s, and our customers are starting to understand the value of proactivity, partnering with an MSP that offers truly proactive services.

Benefits of proactive service

The benefits of proactive service are clear: businesses that partner with a proactive partner can be assured of significantly reduced downtime. A great example of Novi’s proactivity is the provision of scheduled weekly, monthly, or quarterly site visits aimed at ensuring that security operations, connected devices and all elements of the network are performing to an optimum level. This gives us the opportunity to act on warning signs before they turn into unplanned outages.

Novi’s own research has found that proactive support reduces unplanned system outages by 87%, and scheduled security maintenance reduces the risk of a cyber breach, and the associated brand damage, by 75%. In the fast pace of today’s business world, these levels of reduced risk and increased uptime are invaluable.

Latest platforms and systems require more attention

The advanced technologies that many companies now utilise on a daily basis has helped drive business in a way that few thought possible just a few years ago. However, although the benefits of the latest technologies far outweigh the disadvantages, these platforms and systems do require more attention. Unless systems are proactively supported, maintained and updated with the latest security patches, firmware and configurations, the risk of unplanned outages and cyber-attacks is significantly higher than to systems that lack such structure.

Identify potential issues before they cause major problems

Companies seeking to align themselves with an MSP should insist on high levels of proactivity, such as the provision of tailored reports and predictive analytics, which can help to identify potential issues before they cause major problems.

After 15 years in business, Novi has proven methodologies designed to help Irish organisations who prioritise having an IT system that works well. Novi works closely with customers to provide a unique all-in-one offering, including proactive managed services, proactive cyber security as a managed service and disaster recovery as a managed service. Its structured service reduces complexity and allows companies to focus on their core business.

Novi specialises in helping businesses with ongoing IT problems, assessing and updating their infrastructure and delivering increased security, performance and reliability. Contact Us for a no obligation discussion about your IT issues.

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