Jul 25

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Why companies must embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation

Technology has always underpinned business strategy and growth. It has helped companies innovate whilst supporting their day-to-day operations. In recent years, there has been a raft of new technologies that have revolutionised the way organisations interact, both internally and externally with customers and suppliers. Digital Transformation is the process of harnessing the power of these new technologies to reshape every aspect of a business.

The digitisation of processes, replacing paper with online forms for example has been around for a while. Digital Transformation however is taking this trend to a new level and making it a central business strategy. There are a few reasons why companies can’t ignore Digital Transformation: volatile markets, more demanding customers, time starved staff, Internet of Things, smart devices, remote working and big data to name a few. To survive organisations need to adapt.

Digital Transformation is a gradual change that brings together people, process and IT. It is closely linked to the adoption of a cloud computing model and the introduction of collaborative working tools such as Sharepoint, Dropbox and Skype for Business. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that businesses should embrace Digital Transformation not only to survive but to thrive and more specifically not to be left behind.

Customer Engagement

Customers nowadays are drawn to companies where innovation is evident, it gives those companies a competitive edge. Digital Transformation is the latest innovation. It enables companies to become more engaged with customers and to use digital content to permeate their customers lives with compelling messages enhancing the overall customer experience.

Better Business Insights

Big data has been talked about for a long time now. As the Internet of Things continues to grow the amount of data being produced will increase further. With the right tools and system in place this data is hugely powerful, revealing patterns, trends and associations all of which can be used for smarter, better informed business decisions. New technologies capable of storing and analysing large data sets and available on an as-you-need basis, enable companies to unlock the insights that big data holds without the headache and expense of managing sizeable internal IT systems.

Empowering Employees

The capabilities that digital tools deliver has been proven to have a huge impact on employee morale. Collaboration tools, centralised file storing, CRM, 24-hour access from any device empowers staff to do their job better and resolve issues faster. Sharing of information in realtime across teams breaks down barriers and fuels innovation. Remote access to networks, emails and instant messaging gives employees flexibility in their working day, enabling the ‘work from anywhere’ scenario. Properly managed this flexibility in working arrangements can add a lot of value to employee satisfaction.

Even though 87% of companies believe digital will disrupt their industry, only 44% are adequately prepared (Source: Silicon Republic) Digital Transformation is not yet fully evolved however many companies have started the process through moving many of their processes and systems to a cloud environment. Completing the transformation to a digital enterprise is a stepped programme of improvements, all aimed at maximising the business potential across innovation, staff, operations and customer experience.

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