Feb 06

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Why Financial Services companies are choosing Novi for their IT Partner

Recently we have worked with several Financial Services companies helping them use the latest technology to operate more efficiently and more securely in a heavily regulated sector. The financial sector has traditionally run on burgeoning legacy systems. However in the last decade it has undergone a lot of change and the more competitive financial companies are now using technology to give them a leading edge.

We have been working with Financial Services businesses for over 20 years and we’ve learnt a lot in that time. In recent years the Central Bank of Ireland issued cross industry guidance in relation to IT and cybersecurity governance and risk management. We have helped our financial clients meet these requirements through the use of the latest cyber security solutions and services.

IT Services for Financial Companies

What makes Novi different?


We have over 20 years of IT expertise. Our staff are highly experienced IT professionals who continually upskill and undergo training programmes to ensure their knowledge is current and their skills up to date. Through our work with financial services companies especially those who are regulated by the Central Bank we have built up the expertise and knowledge needed to meet compliance requirements.


We don’t just say we are proactive we are proactive. Ensuring IT and networks are well maintained and managed is our main objective. We provide onsite and remote support to check on the health of your systems. This keeps downtime to a minimum, users happy and networks secure.


In no other industry are cyber security measures more important that finance. With the sensitive nature of the data stored and the directives from the Central Bank to be implemented, financial companies are duty bound to take Cyber Security seriously. We partner with the leading global cyber security solutions providers to bring the latest solutions to the Irish market. We provide monitoring services that continually scan networks to identify hidden threats before they do damage. Our automated patching service ensures all devices within a network are updated with the latest fixes to known vulnerabilities, which are often exploited by hackers. And we deliver mobile security measures, secure data backups and disaster recovery solutions.

We are a one stop shop for 360-degree robust cyber security services.


We understand that financial services is a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. We work with the latest cloud technology to create flexible, scalable IT environments that have the capacity to handle high demand and increasingly complex transactions. An integrated IT system that equips employees with the best technology to perform productively and effectively will drive business growth in the long run.

These are just a few of the reasons that Financial Services companies such as Wealth Options, Hermes Investment, Irish Funds and others choose Novi as their IT Partner of choice.

We build solid relationships with our clients working side by side to align their IT with their business goals and operational necessities.

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