Oct 09

Technical Insights

Would Converged Infrastructure be good for my business?


Converged Infrastructure also called integrated systems, unified computing and dynamic infrastructure (depending on who you are talking to!) is finally fast replacing the traditional silo approach to IT. Surprisingly as digital technologies have changed the way people work, Infrastructures haven’t moved on that much and many SMEs are still ploughing time, resources and cash into maintaining and upgrading silo-ed legacy infrastructures.

Business is now mobile!

Recent years have seen a surge in the adoption of mobile devices in the working world. Employees are on the move and expect access and speed of processing on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, same as what they would get in the office at a desktop. This is putting increased demands on businesses to have infrastructures that can accommodate the mobile worker. Inability to send emails and access information on the network whilst on the move will negatively impact employee’s productivity and most importantly customer perception.

Do you have servers dedicated to specific business applications? A separate server for storage and another one for networking and a lot of messy cables? Find upgrades time consuming and keeping everything in sync tricky?

Converged Infrastructure brings networks, software, storage and servers together, creating a virtual IT pool that is shared by multiple applications and users. Centralising IT brings new efficiencies - technically, operationally and financially. Virtualisation technology can deliver processing power, applications and consolidate hardware requirements increasing agility, flexibility and scalability - all at a reduced operating cost. Workloads get deployed faster, business processing is streamlined, operations automated and availability increased resulting in IT that's easier to manage, makes staff more productive and less costly to own and maintain.

If you have limited IT staff and budget, then Converged Infrastructure is essential for your business and will allow you operate more efficiently releasing resources and funds to dedicate to growing the business.

Converged Infrastructure - Benefits to Your Business

• Reduce Complexity – easier to manage, upgrade and maintain
• Rapid Deployment – design, built and delivered in days or weeks
• Lower Operating Costs – less hardware to maintain
• Increased Agility – quicker to deploy changes
• Scalable and Flexible – can be easily scaled up and down as business needs change
• Increase End User Productivity – processing power is increased

All sounds great BUT is it right for you?

Every business has a unique set of requirements. At Novi we don’t just recommend the latest and greatest solution! We assess your business’s needs. We look at your business strategy and plans and make sure the solution fits the needs now and into the future. From basic file servers for document sharing to highly available infrastructure capable of hosting critical business applications and data, we take a holistic approach to infrastructure that safeguards your business.

Contact us to speak to an Infrastructure expert on how we can help you run your business better.